Our virtual presence would have been impossible without the selfless help and support of:

Free Software Macedonia – a non-profit organisation that works with free software and free culture in the Republic of Macedonia. Free Software Macedonia is dedicated to promotion of free software and awareness creation for both the economic and the socio-ethical context of free software, especially in a developing country such as the Republic of Macedonia.

Nebojsa Gelevski – Bane – owner and managing director of the design studio Koma, one of the leading graphic design and printing agencies in Republic of Macedonia. He has been practicing graphic design for over 20 years. Bane is among the founders of the student magazine “Elfasko” at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, having designed the first 20 issues. He is a passionate photography enthusiast and a graphic activist.

Tamara Atanasoska – Developer Care at webcrowd, spending days helping developers and companies come to a perfect match. Tamara is a Geekette and a firm believer in the importance of diversity. She is a free software enthusiast and part of its global community. Passionate supporter of civic activism, she has been successfully finding ways to use technology for social good.

Goce Mitevski – an independent multidisciplinary designer from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, working on different kinds of projects ranging from simple Icon design to full-featured WordPress websites. As a big supporter of free and open technologies, Goce Mitevski has created designs for Mozilla, Canonical, Free Software Macedonia and is actively contributing to the Mozilla and WordPress communities in the Republic of Macedonia.

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