Dane Taleski

Dane Taleski holds a PhD in Political Science from the Central European University in Budapest. His academic fields of interest are post-conflict democratisation, rebel group transformation, political parties, ethnic relations, Southeastern Europe, and Europeanisation. He has a Master in European Studies from the University of Bonn. Taleski worked in the Political Science Department at the Faculty of Law in Skopje, was an executive director of two think-tanks and collaborated with several international organisations, research centres and universities. His most recent article, “Regulating Party Politics in the Western Balkans: On the Legal Sources of Party System Development in Macedonia” (co-authored with Fernando Casal Bértoa), will be published in Democratization. He was also a co-editor of a study on the monitoring of regional co-operation in Southeast Europe, published by the Friebrich Ebert Foundation in Berlin, in 2013. He has published a number of articles in academic journals and chapters in books published in England, Germany, and Austria.



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